"When I got the chance to scratch boudoir shoots off my (secret) bucket list I jumped at it! Megan was very professional and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. We spent most of the shoot laughing!!  Having recently gained some weight, the pictures help to remind me how beautiful you can be at any size!! I cannot wait to do it again!" Gina


“I really, really love my pictures! Megan did a great job of highlighting my best features and ahem, downplaying the ones I'm not so keen about. They make me feel pretty and that was unexpected because it's kind of a foreign feeling.” A.P.


“I was really energized afterwards. I felt really confident. It's helped me feel more sexy and confident in my own skin. Plus I had a good excuse to buy more lingerie! I really enjoyed my experience and I’m glad I took the leap!” V.S.


“I felt extremely comfortable and confident.I also really wanted to tell everyone how great it was.” B.H.